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Some less work

Finally the CID work that has been haunting me hourly for the whole weekend is done. A Ziploc bag filled with little sealed plastic bags has been sitting in my house. In each bag is a bit of 75% ethanol with insect specimens placed inside. Don't mind the insects lol.
Problem is that the bags leak sometimes. So when I checked on Sunday everything was fine and well. Next day, next morning, severe leaking from one of the containers inside caused the bottom of the bag to be immersed in ethanol.
So this afternoon, as soon as I had free time, I rushed to Bio Lab1 and transferred all the insects into the school's plastic containers. In the middle of a Year 5 Bio lesson. Talk about awkwardness. Even worse, Chow was attending the lesson. Believe me, it's not an experience to be had, especially when Chow's spent two full years and then some with you.
Happily, he left sometime while I was doing the transferring. The situation balanced out by me being attacked by the fumes. I seriously thought I was getting drunk. I even considered jumping out the window for the fun of it. More often than normal, that is.
Never mind. It's over and I learned two lessons: It's OK to use a lab during other classes' lessons, and that getting drunk doesn't sound like fun.

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