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Return to Stress

I'm finally back to this blog after four weeks of unintentional break. What with all the campfire preparation and holidays my nights have been too packed for me too spend enough time to write a decent post. (200 words is not a decent post. It's a bit sheer.)
My return is framed among the spectres of three overseas writings contests. One is the Aeon Award from the famous Albedo One Euromagazine, while next is the slightly less well-known Bristol Award, and lastly is an online one, Invisible Ink. While the requirements for each contest are actually quite acceptable, what's not is the deadline, 31st March, Wed.
I've never tried writing three short stories in as many days. Best I could do was the 2000-word one in 2 hours, and a 50k chunk of novel in a week. All I can say is that this task will somehow be both much easier than those two, and also much harder.

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