May the destroyers of our world rain their cosmic force upon you! Seriously speaking, this is a place from which I get to both curse and praise the world without actually affecting it in any physical way.


Our Holesome Classroom

Our class seriously has a serious problem, because someone is not taking serious things seriously. It happened once or twice purely due to accident and too much strength, and they were quickly remedied with a sheet of paper or two. But now, through some chance mutation, it has become contagious, and it has spread terrifically. There are too many holes in our classroom walls. It's not something we shouldn't expect occasionally, seeing the walls are about weak enough for me to poke holes through them. With my finger. But if someone's making holes on purpose, chances are the whole container block is going to collapse by year-end.
Someone finds it funny to continually kick the existing holes and expand them. It is funny, and I know that. It gets old rather quickly by the fourth time, sadly. Take the hole created by YY from 4X (renamed for privacy) when he was taupok-ed on Monday. It was fairly acceptable at first, big as it was, since it was basically just a dent. Now, it's a cavern complete with bits of former wall around it. Take today, just before PSB Investiture. He picked up the broomstick, for fun. He then hurled it into the wall, creating a nice circular hole, for fun as well. Then he DID IT AGAIN, repeatedly, from the opposite end of the classroom, making 5+ holes, for don't know what.
After the assembly, he did try to cover it up, but with newspaper.
Frankly, I doubt it's much use. Mdm Eu didn't even seem to notice the hole made on Monday, and she's freaking observant, so it's more likely she didn't care. Compared to her attitude last year, it's depressing. Chowbie came in for PDP and saw nothing, fearful as I was, but then he can't compare with her.
I just have to say that making holes, or eating in class, or playing cards (witnessed and interfered with by Ng Hai Guan), our class can do it. Hoho.

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