May the destroyers of our world rain their cosmic force upon you! Seriously speaking, this is a place from which I get to both curse and praise the world without actually affecting it in any physical way.


Tripod of Control

I have formulated an intriguing conjecture on the nature of human struggle. I believe our ultimate goal is to yoke the entire universe under the control of humanity. This we do in three ways: control of the natural world, control of ourselves and control of other people.

Why would control of nature be lumped together into one category? The man-nature dichotomy is very clear-cut, in the sense that we are the only part of nature that has the ability to analyse nature itself. Any other thinkers have not made their presence known, but that would be under another topic. Nature can harm us, or leave us alone. We view technological progress as benefits, but in reality it is merely fending off natural disasters, the dangers that come from the elements.

Control of ourselves is so, so vital. That is a point of view developed by someone so drunk with solitude being with other people numbs his mind for a while. However, the consequences of a lack of introspection have caused great catastrophes; wars, lives lost, people's handiworks demolished, heritages lost in the dust of ages. After all, someI exists to judge the world, its experiences and its effects on Itself.

Control of other people is my personal deficiency. I can truly state that at this point in time, I couldn't handle a crowd to save my life. I would likely die at the hands of the mob. Though I know the theory of herd behaviour, it is one thing to watch trends as they happen and another to cause them. People are the world's greatest resource. No matter what one may think about philosophical zombies and the like, it has to be admitted that there is substantial evidence there are other 'I's out there, 'I's who also want to control nature, themselves and people. In a way, a people person just needs to make friends with specialised experts and put everything together to create a functional whole. They will get the credit. This can also be said to concern emotions, but is not bounded by that.

The thing is, however, in order to be assured of a moderate chance of survival in an uncertain world, control of nature, self and people is each required. One missing is the weak point at which death may strike.

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