May the destroyers of our world rain their cosmic force upon you! Seriously speaking, this is a place from which I get to both curse and praise the world without actually affecting it in any physical way.


Not Safe in School

Schools should have high security, since they contain the "future masters of Singapore". Though it is hard to see what happens in classrooms, especially in container classrooms.
Between LA and CHAMPS lesson, the boys were all gathered at the back of the classroom as usual, attacking each other as usual. After a while, Alvis somehow got dragged into the centre of the crowd, where they decided to dapok him. It was fast, and brutal, starting with Leong Yu, with Qi Zhang in between I think and Tian Qi also on top somewhere. Alvis was left to groan for a while before he recovered enough to get up. Tian Qi took that as a sign to dapok Alvis again, but thankfully he asked beforehand, so Alvis got to decline first. It was fun to watch. The next time wasn't that fun.
A few minutes later, Choon Pin was the lucky guy, so he was handled down to the floor. Next, I was conscripted to lie on top of him. Fun, I thought, so I did so. Then Tian Qi went onto me. That didn't matter too much. The thing that did was that Choon Pin slipped off to the side, leaving me on the floor instead. I didn't see exactly who was on me, since we had to get up a few seconds later when we saw Mdm Eu coming. But I did see Wen Zhong, and I think I stepped on his fingers as well (ps wz).
Anyway, whoever was on me, they were heavy. I couldn't stop shaking at my seat for a while. It's okay now, since my words are all spelled correctly.
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